The RevivingCare-EVV, Apple/Android App makes it easier for you to do your work offline or online. This allows the caregiver the ability to validate a visit on-the-go, making it beneficial for both provider and caregiver with visit verification.
Data captured here automatically flows into the software, simplifying faster and accurate billing/payroll.

EVV Best Features

Works offline or online

View schedules and CarePlan

Schedule/visit reminders

Provides availability of an Employee

Provides complete history of schedules/visits

Client/Employee digital signature And GPS tracking capture

Communcation Gateway

Benefits for the
Some of the benefits for the caregivers includes reduced paperwork, increased flexibility to review and approve timesheets “on the go” and access to the EVV solutions reporting features.

Benefits for the Caregivers

Reduced Paperwork/trips to the office

Increased flexibility to review and approve timesheets "On the Go"

Communications Gateway-Securely communicate between office, caregivers and client.

Submit timesheet

Earnings capture

Benefits for the Providers

Streamline communications between provider office and caregivers

Reduced manual process and use of paper due to streamlined automation

Ability to view/submit changes to schedules if there are changes in the client’s condition

Improved service accountability

Converts to billing/payroll

Real time update

Reduced billing errors and claim denial rates

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